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Auction #112 - November 19 & 20
A selection of featured items for this fine sale...

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Newly Discovered Colt Walker Revolver “B Company No. 45” in extremely fine as-found condition with detailed authentication letter by Herb Glass, Jr.

Superb Relief-Carved Pennsylvania Full-Stock Flintlock Sporting Rifle by Henry Mauger. Perhaps the finest Henry Mauger rifle in existence

Wonderful Engraved Henry Rifle by New Haven Arms
with unusual dog panel scene

Fabulous Engraved Henry Rifle by New Haven Arms
with unusual dog panel scene

Wonderful British Engraved and Cased Winchester 1866
Lever Action Rifle

Wonderful Sharps Model 1877 Freund “American Frontier” Conversion Rifle made for English Rancher Richard Ashworth of Wyoming

Super Marlin Model 94 Trapper Saddle Ring Carbine
with Chilean Police Markings

Brand New Winchester Model 1895 Saddle Ring Carbine with Extremely Rare Original Stock “Hang-tag” Attached

Near Mint Winchester 1873 15” Trapper Carbine
with Factory Letter

Exceptional Winchester Model 1866 Saddle Ring Carbine

Colt Factory Engraved Frontier Six-shooter Revolver
with Engraved Mother-of-Pearl Grips

One of the finest Singer 1911A1 Military Pistols in existence
(Eric Gustafson Collection)

As-new Singer Manufacturing 1911A1 Pistol presented to Arthur Gross, the Production Manager of the Singer 1911A1
(Eric Gustafson Collection)

Remington Keene Deluxe Sporting Rifle with Rare Half Magazine

Fine Remington Keene Deluxe Sporting Rifle

Rare Remington Lee 1882 Army Rifle, Massachusetts
Naval Militia-Issued

Very Nice Remington Keene 28” Sporting Rifle with Original Cleaning Rod in Butt (45–70 Govt.)

Very Fine Remington Keene 28” Sporting Rifle with Rare Half-magazine (45–70 Govt.)

Rare Remington Lee Hartley & Graham 1885 Carbine
with Sabre Bayonet Lug

Excellent Remington Model 1901 Target Pistol
from the Slim Kohler Collection

Exceptional Remington New Model 1858 Army Percussion Revolver with Kearns Family Provenance

Colt Genral Officers Pistol of Brigadier
General Raymond F. Fowler

Colt General Officers Pistol of General Thomas N. Griffin

Colt General Officers Pistol of Major General Dean Van Lydegraf

Colt General Officers Pistol of General Edward Scherrer

Very Fine Winchester Model 1873 Deluxe Rifle

Outstanding Winchester Model 1895 Deluxe Rifle

Lovely Special Order Winchester Model 1892 Rifle

Stunning Winchester Model 1892 Deluxe Rifle

Wonderful Winchester Model 1894 Deluxe Takedown Rifle

Unique Winchester Model 88 Super Grade Factory
Custom Shop Rifle

Excellent Winchester Model 52-A Sporter

Exceptional Cut-away Reich's Revolver
One of a number of very fine Reich's Revolvers to be offered
(Craig Brown Collection)

Very Fine Parker VH in .410 bore on “000” Frame

Very Fine GustloffWerke "VG1-5" Volksturmgewehr Rifle
(Craig Brown Collection)

Unique RÖchling-Coenders "Trials" or "Prototype"
Volksgewehr Rifle (Craig Brown Collection)

Lovely Colt Single Action Army Revolver Factory Engraved with Factory mother-of-pearl Grips

As-new Colt Government Model Pistol with Schwartz Safety

Excellent "U.S. Navy" Marked Smith & Wesson
Victory Model Revolver

Very Rare Smith & Wesson Model 56 "U.S." Marked Revolver

"U.S." Marked Smith & Wesson K-38 Revolver

Excellent "U.S." Marked Model 10-5 Government Contract Revolver Shipped to the U.S. Govt, Boston, Mass

"U.S." Marked Smith & Wesson Model 14 Revolver Shipped to Lackland Air Force Base

Smith & Wesson Model 39 Pistol belonging to Commodore Wade C. Wells

Excellent Smith & Wesson Victory Model Revolver

Fine Colt Model 1911 Pistol belonging to Dr. Benedict Aron, 108th Medical Rgt., 33rd Div. and Retired Surgeon General of Illinois

U.S. 1911A1 Government Model 1924 Transitional Pistol belonging to Capt. Leo Siegel, U.S. Army Cavalry

Lovely U.S. Model 1911 Navy Pistol

Exceptional Starr Arms Army Model Percussion Revolver

Superb Rinaldo A. Carr Inspected U.S. Colt Single
Action Army Cavalry Revolver

Extremely Rare DWM Parabellum 1913 MG14 Aircraft Machinegun

U.S. M-2 Carbine by Inland Division (registered trigger group)

Harrington & Richardson Reising Model 50 Submachinegun

Auto Ordnance U.S. M1-A1 Submachinegun, Guy H. Drury inspected

Fleming Firearm H&K Sear in H&K 91 Rifle

Bushmaster J-15 Assault Rifle with 10” Barrel

H.T.A. Model 94 Submachinegun

Very Nice D.S.W. Cane Gun A.O.W. in 38 Special

Glock G-17 S.B.R.

Fleming Firearm H&K Sear in H&K SP89 in Heckler & Koch Tactical Briefcase

Excellent High Quality Pen Gun A.O.W. by Pen Fire Inc. in .22 Magnum

Scarce VG-2 Volksstrum Rifle

Fine G41(M) Semi-Auto Rifle

DWM GEW-98 with Scarce Trench Magazine and Bolt Cover

Scarce VG-1 Volksstrum Rifle

Very Fine Mondragon M1908 Semi-Auto Rifle

Interesting KKW ZF-41 Rifle

Long Side Rail K98 Sniper Rifle

Danzig GEW-98 Sniper Rifle

Very Fine Steyr VK-98

Very Fine M1862 Dreyse Needle Gun

Very Fine Dreyse Commerical 1879 Reichsrevolver

Scarce Gustloff Trials Pistol

Exceptional Colt 1911 Govt. Model Manufactured in 1912

Very Rare and Fine South Carolina Duellers from John Schirer

Exceedingly Rare North American Arms Prototype Pistol
Serial No. 666

Unique Colt Prototype "Enlarged Caliber" Belt Pistol

Wonderful Colt Model 1902 Military Pistol

Exceptional and Stunning "The Monster Legacy" Colt Single Action Army Fully Relief Engraved and Gold Inlaid by Bryson Gwinell


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