127. A. H. Fox Sterlingworth Double Shotgun With Original Hanging Tags

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serial #66328, 12 ga., 28" barrels choked light modified and improved modified with bright bores showing some small dents in each near the muzzle area. The barrels retain 90% original blue showing various small scratches and some silvering of the muzzles and edges of the top rib and having a dent in the left barrel five inches back from the muzzle and a couple of tiny dents in the right barrel a few inches back from the muzzle as well. The frame exhibits 20% case colors with scattered areas of surface oxidation and showing wear on both sides and around the bottom. The top lever and triggerguard are turning silver with remnants of blue on the bottom of the bow. The pistolgrip stock and splinter forearm rate good to very good showing dings and scratches over a mottled and thinning varnish and having slightly worn and soiled checkering. The stock has a hard rubber grip cap and the original grooved buttplate providing a length of 14 1/8". The gun features double triggers, extractors, and automatic safety. There are two hanging tags, one with the shot charge and guarantee numbered to the gun and a second which is a certificate of proof. This is an original Philadelphia gun in good working condition and having the original hanging tags is very rare indeed. (115628-1) {C&R} (800/1200) SOLD FOR $747.50