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Auction #109 - APRIL 2 & 3
Just a few of the fine items that will be featured in the April sale!

Click on any image below to view an enlarged picture(s), and detailed description.

Custom Freund Borchardt in .50-140 by Classic Arms Corp.

Marlin Ballard No. 6 in .32-40, with Stevens-Pope Barrel

Custom Winchester Model 1885 High Wall Takedown Schuetzen Rifle in .25-21

Fine Percussion Mule Ear Sporting Rifle in .40 cal

E.M. Reilly Sidelock Crystal Indicator in 12 ga., leather cased

Siebert, Columbus, OH Percussion Match Rifle in .45 cal. with False Muzzle

E.M. Reilly Side Lever HammerGun in 16 ga.

Joseph Jakob Philadelphia Double rifle in .45-70

Lovely Holland & Holland 10 bore Paradox Double Rifle

Wonderful Danl. Fraser Boxlock Double Rifle in 450 Express

Extremely Nice Charles Lancaster Sidelock Double Ejectorgun

Very Fine Purdey Percussion Double Rifle .68 cal

Exceptional Duane Wiebe Custom Model 70 in .416 Rem.

Superb Duane Wiebe Takedown 2-barrel Set Rifle in .416 Taylor and .338 Win Mag.

Outstanding Jover & Son Flintlock 8 bore Stalking Rifle

E.M. Reilly Lang Trigger Plate in 16 ga.

Extremely Fine J.P Sauer & Sohn Sidelock Drilling

Midland Gun Co. Double Hammer Rifle in .470

“Salina” Col. Townsend Whelen’s Custom 1885 High Wall Winchester in 25 Krag

Beautiful Walter Van Horn Custom Mauser
in .358 Norma Magnum

The Whelen Custom Griffin & Howe Springfield Rifle of William and Col. Townsend Whelen

Col. Townsend Whelen’s Winchester Model 52 Sporter
“The First 52 Sporter”

Col. Townsend Whelen’s Custom Griffin & Howe Model 54 Rifle

Lovely Walter Abe Custom Mauser Magazine Rifle in 416 Van Horn

The Springfield Armory 1922 M-1 22 Hornet Conversion Rifle of Col. Townsend Whelen

Col. Townsend Whelen’s Custom James Howe Springfield Rifle in 35 Whelen

Col. Whelen’s Prototype Fabrique Nationale High-power Rifle Designed by Whelen & Humphrey

U.S. Model 1860 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword & Telescope
of Lt. Col. George Derby, Balloon Observer during
the Battle for San Juan Hill

Rare Springfield Armory 1860 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword with Presentation to Col. George in Grimes 2nd U.S. Cavalry

Extremely Rare Springfield Armory General Officer’s Sword belonging to General S.V. Benet, Commandant Frankford Arsenal and Chief of Ordnance

Rare Springfield Armory 1860 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword Inscribed to Sebree Smith 2nd Lt. 6th U.S. Cavalry

Rare 1st Model U.S. Model 1872 Cavalry Saber
by Springfield Armory

Rare U.S. Model 1872 Cavalry Officer’s Saber
by Springfield Armory



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