26. Fine Cased Swiss Three Barrel Set Target Pistol By Heinrich Knecht & Co. Of St. Gallen

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.30 caliber, 41 caliber and 44 caliber all 9 13/16" octagon barrels with milled flutes and all with excellent bright bores. The exact cartridge for each barrel is not known however they are all short straight case cartridges and a single cartridge case for each is included in the case. The pistol is of a simple break open design with top lever action and double locking underlugs. The frame shows a little tasteful light engraving and each barrel is inlaid in gold on its top flat "H. KNECHT. ST. GALLEN". Each barrel is equipped with an identical adjustable rear target sight and tall beaded blade target front. The pistol comes with two trigger and triggerguard assemblies, one with a single set, the other standard. The standard trigger is currently installed and extremely crisp, the set trigger resides in one of the case compartments and doesn't seem to always set correctly but it may function properly if actually installed. The condition of the gun is excellent with 90% evenly thinning original bluish brown finish. The action retains about 95% original color case-hardened finish which has mellowed slightly on the sides but has an overall lovely appearance. The rear sights all retain vivid original color case-hardened finish. The checkered large target walnut grip rates excellent as does the original smooth schnabel tipped forend. The pistol comes in its original French fitted wooden case with all accessories present. The accessories include a single bullet mould for the largest caliber barrel, a very nice and interesting priming tool, a powder dipper, turnscrew, two cleaning rods and a nice pewter oil bottle. Also included is the original key. Both the top surface of the lid and the base of the case have warped and cracked but the case still opens and closes properly. What was presumably a leather handle is now missing. This is a very nice set which exhibits the typical high quality we expect with Swiss made arms. (17719-11) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) SOLD FOR $3,450.00