38. Winchester Model 1885 Early High Wall Sporting Rifle

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serial #2477, 40-70 Sharps Str., 30" round barrel with an excellent bore. This is a nice honest and very early second year production rifle. The barrel is not weight numbered but is clearly original in all respects and retains about 60% original blue which is thinning evenly and blending with a smooth brown patina. The early thick side action with octagonal top retains about 90% original color case-hardened finish which has softened over time but is still quite visible overall. The plain walnut buttstock and forend rate very good plus with perhaps 80% original finish remaining and with some dark staining on the bottom of the forend and with light handling marks and a couple more notable bruises on the left side of the butt near the top tang. The rifle is sighted with an original gold washed Beach combination front and standard sporting rear. The top tang shows a faint outline of a tang sight which is no longer present, the top tang screws are not present other than the mainspring screw which is somewhat buggered. This is a very honest early rifle in an unusual chambering that just needs some tang screws or perhaps even a period tang sight to bring it back to complete. (17657-85) {ANTIQUE} (1500/2500) SOLD FOR $2,070.00