39. Remington Hepburn No. 3 Sporting And Target Rifle

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serial #5783, 38 (2 1/8"), 26 7/8" part round part octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore. This rifle has an odd barrel length and may well have been neatly shortened during the period; the muzzle looks great. The barrel is "E. REMINGTON & SONS" marked and retains 97% nice restored rust blue finish. The action retains about 50% faded original color case-hardened finish which is blending with a smooth gray patina overall. The checkered pistolgrip walnut buttstock and smooth forend with steel tip rate excellent with lots of original finish and just a few light handling marks, it may have been very lightly cleaned at some point; they both look very nice. The rifle is sighted with an interesting windgauge front open top globe, Marble blank in rear slot and a factory mid-range Vernier tang mounted peepsight. The breechblock stop screw on left side of action has a flat head unlike the convex shape of the others. A handsome Hepburn which would likely make a nice shooter. (17657-193) {ANTIQUE} (1200/1800) SOLD FOR $1,840.00