15. Excellent Rogers & Spencer Army Model Percussion Revolver

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serial #1874, 44 cal., 7 1/2" octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore showing a few very widely scattered very light spots of oxidation. This is a lovely revolver in very fine condition retaining much original blue showing only light flaking. The barrel and frame retain about 97% bright original blue finish with the areas of loss being very minor flaking to brown, also showing a few scratches and handling marks in the areas of the screw heads. The cylinder shows roughly 70% original blue with one area toning to a dull pewter gray, no doubt where it rested in a drawer, also with a turn line and flaking to brown. The hammer and loading lever show nice mottled dark gray color case-hardening, the ram more of a silvery case-hardened patina. The triggerguard/grip frame retains perhaps 90% original blue, the loss is due primarily to flaking to a gray-brown on the frontstrap and butt. The two-piece walnut grips rate very good and good with the right grip showing a chip at the rear edge of the butt, each retaining much of their original oil finish, the left showing a crisp "RPB" cartouche and with crisp sub-inspectors initials on bottoms. All of the numbers are matching and the gun times and locks up very well mechanically, oddly the front sight is a later replacement but this does not detract from the arm. (37846-1) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) SOLD $3,162.50

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