36. Remington Rolling Block Sporting Rifle

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serial #3633, 50-70, 30" octagon barrel with a bright minty bore. This is a very handsome rolling block rifle which bears British proofs and wears a factory nickel plated Swiss buttplate. The barrel shows proper "E. REMINGTON & SONS ILION, N.Y." address and retains 90% evenly thinning original blue finish overall. The action retains about 70% faded original color case-hardened finish which still shows color but is blending with a pleasing pewter patina. The hammer and breechblock retain 90% original blue finish overall. The plain walnut buttstock and forend rate near excellent with perhaps some added light oil finish sometime over the years. The stocks show nice edges and fit beautifully. The original nickel plated Swiss buttplate retains 95% original finish which has toned to a beautiful antique German silver color. The rifle is sighted with a target globe front, blank in rear seat and a period mid-range Vernier tang mounted peepsight. Just a very nice rifle overall. (17863-21) {ANTIQUE} (1800/2200) SOLD $3,450.00

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