45. William Billinghurst Junior Underhammer Takedown Buggy Rifle

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.30 cal. percussion, 10 1/2" part octagon part round barrel with a turned medial at the point of transition and a bright about excellent bore which shows only a couple of very light specks of oxidation. This lovely little takedown buggy rifle is by the son of the famous William Billinghurst. The barrel is primarily a smooth light plum brown patina with pewter undertones and some very lightly scattered very sparse oxidation. The top flat is marked "W.Billinghurst Jr" and the frame top flat shows light leaf-shaped engraving with dual borders running back to the extended rear sight base; the extended rear sighting tang actually shows some very nice case colors. There is a simple globe front sight installed which has a glass insert which features a tiny target dot in its center, the rear sight is a lollipop-style affixed to the extended sighting tang, it features both a small aperture and a small V-notch along its top edge. The American walnut stock rates very good plus to excellent with much original varnish and only some very light handling marks, there is an antique repair to an old chip along the left side of the lower tang, the original piece was reaffixed and there is a drying crack from the right of the lower tang toward the upper tang, it appears stable. The rifle comes with its original walnut detachable buttstock with hollow main shaft which normally accommodates the ramrod. The stock is slightly lighter in hue than the grip and retains nearly all of its original varnish with only some very minor handling marks and flakes. The underhammer mechanism works very well and the gun has a very nice target trigger pull. The muzzle crown shows a slight rebate and the gun comes with what appears to be its original brass starter, there is a wiping rod included which fits the recess in the buttstock but is slightly too-long and protrudes when seated. Additional accessories include an unmarked Billinghurst bullet mold, a very nice horn-body powder flask with German silver butt and a German silver common top with adjustable spout, (the four position spout appears to be marked from 16 grains to 22 grains), antique oiler, an assortment of cast projectiles, a tin of patches and a paper package of percussion caps. Additionally there is a neat combination tool which has nothing to do with firearms, it is a combination plier/screwdriver/tamper; it is unmarked. The gun and accessories ride in a neat period antique tin box with soldered seams; the inside with neatly soldered compartments for the arm itself and accessories. William Billinghurst Junior apprenticed under and then worked with his father from 1863-1873. Because he was employed by his father most guns that bear his work also bore his father's maker name. There are only two known guns that bear his "JR" marking, this example and another buggy pistol which was sold as part of the John Amber collection in 1986. He died in October of 1873 just days short of his 31st birthday. The quality of "Junior's" arms is, as would be expected, rival to those made by his very famous father. A superb and extremely rare little outfit overall. (17868-13) {ANTIQUE} (5000/7000) SOLD $6,325.00

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