37. Volkssturm VK98-VG5 Bolt Action Rifle by Steyr

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serial #7535, 8mm Mauser, 21" barrel with a bright excellent bore and counterbored muzzle. The metal surfaces retain remnants of a hot immersion blue on the barrel which has drifted to a dull gray-blue, the stepped portion toning to a plum, while the receiver is more of a dark blue-gray, the rear ring drifting to plum. The receiver shows the appropriate "bnz45" marking, with "Mod98" marking on the ring ahead of the rear sight. The receiver exhibits hasty wartime machine markings overall and shows no evidence of having any other markings, neither present nor removed at any point, the machining precisely matches that seen in the work Desperate Measures the Last-Ditch Weapons of the Nazi Volkssturm (3000/5000) SOLD FOR $5,462.50

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