111. Rare SS Marked GEW 98 Short Rail Sniper Rifle

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serial #1363u, 8mm Mauser, 24" barrel with a fair bore that shows oxidation and pitting throughout but visible rifling. The metal surfaces retain 90% arsenal-grade blue with some light dings on receiver and triggerguard, a couple small areas of light pitting on bands and barrel, scattered freckling, thinning, silvering scratches and fading. The hardwood stock rates good plus to near very good as lightly-cleaned with an added oil finish, a 4" crack at rear of handguard, a tight 3/4" crack at upper tang, a 1/2" crack at heel, what appears to be a faded large "Death Head" on the underside of pistolgrip, what appears to be the letters "JJH" carved at the rear left side of butt, scattered dings, handling marks, abrasions and scratches. The top of the receiver is blank, the underside of the barrel is marked with a German "(Eagle)/N" commercial proof and the left side of the barrel is marked with an "SS2/(Death Head)" marking and a "01/(Death Head)" marking. The rear sight is marked with several "(Eagle)/WaA/655" Waffenamts and is mismatched but all other visible parts are matching to the receiver. The rifle is equipped with a short rail base that is numbered matching to the receiver but no mount or optics are present. The SS converted older rifles such as the GEW 98 to both infantry and sniper rifles. A folding muzzle cap is included with this rifle. A very good example of a rare SS marked sniper rifle, sure to please the most advanced military collector. (207879-214) {C&R} [Craig Brown Collection] (4000/6000) SOLD FOR $5,750.00

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