141. Rare Winchester Model 1876 Hawaii Citizens Guard Musket

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Description Update (3/15/17): Repaired 5" crack right front of forend and handguard is moderately loose

serial #28325, 45-75, 32" round barrel with an about very good bore which is mostly bright but has a small rough patch near the muzzle. The musket features a factory mounted wiping rod in left side of forestock and has a nosecap that is equipped with a stud for mounting a saber bayonet, which is included. The metal surfaces of the musket bear a smooth and even brown patina overall. The walnut buttstock and full length forend have been refinished years ago and rate very good with metal slightly proud in some areas and with a small chip in the top left side of the stock at the action. The musket is sighted with a barleycorn stud front and the rear sight has been replaced with a simple fixed v notch sight mounted in factory dovetail. The bayonet has a cast brass fish scale grip with stylized eaglehead pommel with its blade bearing a smooth even gray patina with scattered light pitting overall, the brass bears a mellow patina. The musket comes with several documents including copies of the Hawaii Citizens Guard roster for company 5 which lists this rifle belonging to Thomas E. Cook who was 26 years old a native Hawaiian who's occupation is listed as "Inspector of Customs". His rifle is listed as "Winchester / 45-75 / 28325 " It was privately purchased by Cook and he had 50 rounds of ammunition on hand. Additionally there is a four page George Madis letter describing the gun in great detail and pointing out it's rarity being a musket identified to a Hawaiian Guard member and retains its very rare original saber bayonet. An extremely rare Winchester 1876 Musket identified to a Hawaiian Citizens Guard member via an 1895 dated roster of all Hawaiian Guard Arms on hand. (18087-47) {ANTIQUE} [Kenneth Fry Collection] (7000/9000) SOLD FOR $6,900.00

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