1737. U.S. Model 1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle "Converted" to Carbine

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serial #5561, 45-70, 22" barrel with an about very good bore that had strong rifling with some minor pitting throughout. The majority of the metal surfaces are an overall mottled brown and gray with specks of light surface oxidation and staining throughout. The receiver and barrel band retain about 80% of what appears to be an added finish while the lock appears to have traces of the original blue. The walnut carbine stock appears to be a more modern replacement but is the correct style and dimension including the sling bars and ring. The stock bears no military markings and has a few light handling marks and some strong wavy grain. The rear sight is original, the front sight is a later replacement. A military front sight hood is included, but is not secured. The Springfield Research note lists this serial number as originally being a rifle issued to the 4th Infantry Regiment and is listed as "Damaged", likely why the conversion was done. The 4th infantry has a 200 plus year history including involvement in the Plains Indian conflicts. in very good condition now this would be good candidate for full restoration to its original specs. (48118-100) {ANTIQUE} (500/700) SOLD FOR $575.00

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