417. Confederate Tranter Fifth Model Treble Action Revolver with A B Griswold & Co. Markings

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serial #21845, 80 bore (38 cal.), 4 1/2" octagon barrel with a bright about excellent bore which shows only some light oxidation and pinprick pitting nearer the breech. The integral barrel and frame are wonderful retaining about 97% bright original blue finish, the sharp edges and contact points fading to a plum brown. The cylinder is a mottled gray case-hardened patina showing some scattered brown oxidation remnants but with crisp nipples. The loading lever has toned to a plum and brown patina with the double trigger a silvery case-hardened patina; the guard has toned primarily to a plum brown. The left and right flame frame flats, the bow of the guard and rear of the barrel all show light open flowing scroll. The top of the frame and barrel are neatly engraved by the maker "Made by Wm Tranter for A B Griswold & Co. New Orleans", the left of the frame with its serial number neatly engraved "21845T". The one piece walnut grip rates about excellent with much original varnish, a bit of light wear to the points and a bit of light wear atop the knuckle. There are no evident confederate markings however the retailer marking is unmistakable, this is indeed a very late gun. Right side of the barrel and frame have been stamped with some manner of registration markings "RER 255", but they are of little consequence as the blue is so nice on this fine arm and it seems to function properly. These Treble Action "Export Model" revolvers are very rare when compared with the other earlier pattern Tranter's. (38175-2) {ANTIQUE} (3500/5000) SOLD FOR $4,312.50

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