430. Winchester Factory Engraved Model 1873 Special Order First Model Rifle

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serial #6092, 44-40, 32" octagon barrel with full magazine and a deeply rifled bore that shows even pitting and oxidation. This rifle is very unusual in that it not only has a 32" barrel, but that barrel is engraved, but no other part of the rifle is engraved. The engraving consists of six inches of relief scroll at breech, two and half inches of scroll at the tip of the forend and again at the magazine hanger as well as four inches of scroll at the muzzle. The rifle has been completely and very professionally restored and this engraving on the barrel was lightly chased at time of engraving. The rifle features a mortised thumb print dust cover and retains 97% excellent quality blue overall. The case color on hammer, lever and crescent buttplate is brilliant and the fire blue on loading gate is all there. The rifle is expertly restocked in walnut which has a lovely rich color. in addition to the special order barrel, the rifle is equipped with a factory single set trigger. The rifle is sighted with a standard sporting front and fixed buckhorn rear. The rifle comes with a factory letter which reads as follows: Rifle, 32 inch octagon engraved barrel, set trigger, received in the warehouse on August 5, 1875 and shipped on August 18, 1875. An extremely rare and interesting 1873 rifle. (18087-9) {ANTIQUE} [Kenneth Fry Collection] (4000/6000) SOLD FOR $8,625.00

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