440. Rollin White Converted Allen & Wheelock Large Frame Percussion Pocket Revolver

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serial #156, 32 cal., 3 1/2" barrel. Mr. Brooks acquired numerous items from the family of Rollin White, this appears to be one of those items. This is a model for patent #19991 for an improvement of a firearm. The cylinder is modified with a two-piece rear section with percussion nipples being removed and the new piece having those areas where the nipples were, replaced with open channels. The hammer has also been modified with a rectangular "firing pin" which passes through those channels and apparently fires some type of rimfire cartridge. The work is quite neatly done and the double action revolver functions properly. The metal surfaces bear an even gray brown patina overall with some traces of original blue visible in some areas. The bag shaped walnut grips rate about very good. The revolver has a facsimile of the patent tang attached. A very interesting Rollin White patent model alteration of an Allen & Wheelock percussion revolver. (18110-13) {ANTIQUE}[James Brooks Collection] (1000/2000) SOLD FOR $2,185.00

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