445. Smith and Wesson Model No. 1 First Issue First Type Rollin White Patent Revolver

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serial #22, 22 RF, 3 3/8" ribbed octagon barrel with a very good bore that shows strong rifling but with minor pitting. The barrel and cylinder are primarily a pewter and dull gray patina with some minor dings, handling marks and a few light oxidation stains. The brass frame has tarnished to a dull ochre patina. The smooth rosewood grips rate very good showing some scattered wear and flaking varnish, they are stamp-numbered to the gun. The "patent improvements" done by White include a steel reciprocating arm affixed to a captive rod mounted beneath the barrel, along with a hinged loading gate on the right side mounted to an entire recoil plate screwed to the face of the interior of the frame; the frame also being slightly relieved for ease of loading and ejection of cartridges. The reciprocating arm has a turned brass sleeve at its front which acts as a thumb piece and allows the user to eject spent cases from the cylinder. The mechanism seems to work for the most part and the top of the rib is neatly stamped "R. Whites Patent" to the rear of the barrel address. A card included with the arm mentions the gun was sold to Rollin White on January 16, 1858. His modifications were done in March or April, the arm was then used in a patent claim which was subsequently rejected. Grounds of the rejection were a prior patent filed in England in April 1854, for this same style of loading gate. Overall a very interesting and very early "first first first" modified by this talented mechanic. (38110-9) [James Brooks Collection] {ANTIQUE} (5000/7000) SOLD FOR $7,762.50

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