461. Custom Miller Arms Single Shot Falling Block Bench Rest Rifle

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serial #509, 32 MOS, 27" round bench rest match grade stainless barrel with a bright excellent bore and a 1-in-14" twist and .3224" throat. The stainless steel action and barrel are polished bright and rate excellent, the barrel with a few minor handling marks or light scratches from the years, the action showing very little wear. The rifle is stocked in a lovely grade of Circassian walnut with a wide flat-bottom forend and flat toeline along the buttstock. The right side of the butt has a flared shadowline cheekpiece with a scant Monte Carlo and the stocks are smooth, un-checkered, both rating excellent, the forend showing a few drying spots where the grain within the finish appears un-filled, it is likely a bit of linseed oil would seal them right up. The De Haas-Miller marked action has a nicely jeweled breech block and the barrel is drilled and tapped for steel target blocks. The 32 MOS is basically identical to the 32 Brewer, David Mos being a bullet mould maker, this being named in deference to him, the Brewer being named after the man who developed it. Included with the arm is a breech seater, 35 formed brass cases, 50 cast projectiles, forming dies and a bullet bumping die. A very beautifully constructed bench rest rifle which no doubt shoots as good as it looks. (38085-3) (1200/1800) SOLD FOR $1,955.00

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