51. Rare Colt Model 1855 Revolving Military Rifle

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serial #163, 56 caliber, 37 1/2" round barrel with octagon breech and a remarkably excellent bore. The rifle shows serial number on wide of tang beneath stock and also in a cylinder flute which is only partially legible but indeed appears to be "163". The cylinder pin has a number "750" which is overstruck with a "143" or "148". The pin fits and functions perfectly and matches perfectly in color and condition. The rifle features a barleycorn front which doubles as a bayonet lug and an original single standing and two folding leaf rear sight. The topstrap is marked within the groove "COL. COLT HARTFORD CT. U.S.A.", this mark remains clear and fully legible. The iron surfaces of this rifle bear a rich brown patina with old scattered light surface oxidation and some scattered light pinprick pitting - truly and very honest and undisturbed surface. Colt's Patent markings on left side of frame remain predominately legible. The brass triggerguard has turned to a very deep and rich brown patina that almost matches the color of the patina on the iron surfaces except for immediately behind the triggerguard where the metal is more of a bronze colored patina. The plain walnut buttstock and full length forend show a rich, dark color and remain in very near excellent condition. The buttstock shows a couple of dings and a small area of loss behind hammer, this looks to have been done by a period user, perhaps to help facilitate full-cock. The rifle is not martially marked but it comes with a correct U.S. marked bayonet which fits perfectly. These 1855 military rifles come in many variations, this is the longest barrel length and the bore is truly excellent. Just a very nice and very honest Colt revolving rifle. (18158-2) {ANTIQUE} (10,000/15,000) SOLD FOR $9,775.00

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