787. Poultney & Trimble Smith Civil War Percussion Carbine

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serial #2395, .50 cal. percussion, 21 5/8" part round part octagon barrel with a heavily oxidized bore. All of the metal parts are a heavily oxidized brown patina. The wood shows its age with 4 1/2" and 4" cracks in the buttstock behind the frame and several scratches, dings and chips in the finish with remnants of stickers on both sides of the stock; the forend is in similar condition and missing the barrel band. Several screws appear to be replacements with the slots damaged as well. The maker markings are still present, however, there is no sling ring present and the action is somewhat loose. Overall a salty Civil War percussion carbine. (217877-30) {ANTIQUE} (500/700) SOLD FOR $402.50

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