83. Fine Belgian Double Flintlock Fowler

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About 24 gauge (.585"), 35 1/4" barrels with very good bores showing a bit of oxidation. This fowler shows Belgian proofs on the underside of the barrels and have sunken touchmarks on the top breech of each barrel, these are most likely the marks of the maker. The locks feature waterproof pans, roller frizzens and gooseneck cocks with neat serpentine reinforcements. The locks show light relief scroll engraving while the breeches show nice foliate work. The buttstock is completely bound in an engraved iron band which extends over the nose of the comb to the butt and from the butt, along the toeline to the triggerguard. The buttplate is of iron as is the wide bow triggerguard and fancy iron tailpipe all of which are engraved in large bold scroll. The stock is also carved in floral and geometric patterns and shows silver inlaid bird on either side of butt along with German silver wedge escutcheons. The bottom of the forend shows two .40" round gold inlays engraved with the man in the moon. The barrels show a textured twist pattern beginning 2 1/2" from the breech and continuing to the muzzle. The breech section shows some light foliate work before the twist pattern begins. The barrels and locks bear a pleasing mellow gray patina and remain generally free of pitting. The iron furniture also bears a pleasing gray patina with just a little scattered light surface oxidation. The stock rates excellent with lots of original finish and showing lovely carving which remains sharp and clear and stylish swooping symmetrical cheek rests on either side of butt. There is only a single iron ramrod thimble just ahead of the forend on underside of barrel, there should be another but looking at the bottom rib one cannot see where it originally was located. This is a very nice quality fowler, the locks are crisp and show excellent workmanship both internally and externally. A fine European double flintlock fowler. (18190-4) {ANTIQUE} (2000/4000) SOLD FOR $4,600.00

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