94. Winchester Model 1873 Special Order Rifle

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serial #354370, 32 WCF, 30" octagon barrel with full magazine and a good plus bore that shows good rifling and light pitting most of its length. This rifle features an unusual six-inches-longer-than-standard barrel. The barrel and magazine retain a pleasing even brown patina with traces of original blue in protected areas. The action is much the same with traces of finish blending with a smooth even gray brown patina. The plain walnut buttstock and forend rate very good with lots of original finish remaining and with normal light handling marks. The right side of the forend has a rectangular stamp with hand stamped initials within "V.R. & CO stamped in individual letters. The rifle is sighted with standard open sporting sigths. Overall a good honest example of a special order 30" rifle. (18087-68) {ANTIQUE} [Kenneth Fry Collection] (2500/4500) SOLD FOR $2,645.00

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