40. Colt Model 1855 Percussion Military Musket

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serial #1500, .56 cal, 31 1/4" barrel with a very good bore which shows sharp rifling its full-length but with scattered oxidation and light pitting. The barrel is an overall dull gray faded blue patina showing wear to pewter at the muzzle, clearly from bayonet use, scattered very light handling marks and pinprick pitting here and there. The bands have toned to gray as has the cylinder. The cylinder shows some length-wise tool marks within the flutes and overall light, and some moderate, pitting, the patent date is faintly visible. The frame is an overall dull pewter gray patina with scattered light pitting, also with dings and tool marks, the topstrap shows an antique period welded repair which was well done. The hammer is a rather gray case-hardened patina as is the triggerguard, which remains mostly smooth. All of the appropriate parts are matching-numbered and the gun seems to function somewhat loosely mechanically. The smooth walnut buttstock rates about very good with overall minor dings and handling marks from the years, now devoid of varnish. There is some moderate oxidation at the rear of the upper tang and at the toe with some minor chipping at toe and heel and a crack at the upper tang. The forearm is similar showing perhaps a bit less wear with a 2 1/2" crack at the left side of the lower forend at the cleaning rod channel showing some old glue. The "Colts Patent" date markings are slightly obscured by old impact marks and the number "13" has been stamped atop the tang. A steel cleaning rod extension with a bulbous threaded end is included in the trap of the butt. An overall very good "example" piece of the large caliber five-shot Colt Model 1855 Rifle Musket. (38238-27) {ANTIQUE} (2000/4000) SOLD FOR $4,887.50

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