31. Wonderful Moore's Patent Firearms Front-Loading Teat Fire Revolver

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serial #9453, .32 caliber teat fire, 3 1/4" barrel with a bright excellent bore. This is likely the finest Moore's frontloading revolver that we have encountered. The barrel retains a strong 50% bright original blue, the loss due to some contaminant which has caused spotty flaking of the barrel, but the strong blue around the forcing cone and the bright metal at its face suggest this gun was never fired; it is Moore's Firearms Company and Brooklyn New York marked. The pivoting cartridge loading arm on the right lower side of the barrel retains all its original purple-hue fire temper and the cylinder retains about 97% original bright blue, the loss due to some very lightly flaked areas, the chambers and face of the cylinder immaculate and un-scorched. The frame retains nearly all its original silver plate which has darkened and tarnished to a lovely deep blue hue, the very few flaked areas showing a goldenrod patina beneath. The hammer retains strong original color case-hardening with the trigger showing smoky mottled colors. The grips appear very much to be rosewood and rate excellent with only minor flaking or tiny dings here and there from the years, they are assembly-numbered to the gun. Indeed all of the parts, frame, arbor, barrel, cylinder and wedge are all assembly numbered alike. The gun times and locks up well however the trigger return spring is damaged as the arm will only hold on cock if forward tension is put on the trigger, this would be an extremely easy fix for any competent 'smith. Really a very stunning high condition Moore's frontloading revolver. (38341-2) {ANTIQUE} (1500/2000) SOLD FOR $1,150.00

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