6. As-New L.C. Smith Field Grade Featherweight Sidelock Double Shotgun

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serial #FWM58251, 12 ga., 28" ventilated rib barrels choked modified and a light full with bright excellent as-new bores. The barrels on this lovely Marlin-made L.C. Smith shotgun retain near 99% original blue, the only loss being some light box scuffs atop the left tube about halfway down its length, most of which do not even breech the blue. The frame, lockplates and top lever retain all their original vivid color case-hardening, the breech faces immaculate, showing only the slightest hint of wear from being opened and closed. The forend iron, triggers and triggerguard retain all their original blue. The checkered walnut capped pistolgrip buttstock and field style forend rate excellent to as-new, the buttstock showing a few very tiny handling marks and light dings, most prominent along the toeline. The breech faces of the barrel are immaculate showing only light wear, again along their lower edge from being opened and closed, and the gun is very possibly un-fired. The arm comes in its original Styrofoam box with cardboard outer sleeve. The Styrofoam inner box rates excellent and retains the two black nylon web straps which held it closed. The outer carton retains the original Marlin Gun Service Division shipping label showing registered mail, and shipping to a destination in New York state. Someone has crossed out much of the labels in black marker, they are however still completely readable. The affixed postage shows a January 20, 1976 date and the addressee of this one-owner shotgun is the consignor. Lockup is as-expected as tight as the proverbial bank vault with the top lever still well right of center. This example is only about 900 numbers from the last recorded serial number under Marlin production. If ever you were looking for a very nearly as-new LC, this shotgun fills the bill. (38236) {C&R} (1000/1500) SOLD FOR $1,380.00

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