131. Wonderful Colt Factory Documented Fitzgerald Special New Service Revolver (Shipped as a Pair)

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serial #332029, 45 Colt, 2" barrel with a bright excellent bore. This is an absolutely superb, very nearly as-new revolver. The metal surfaces retain about 99% original blue, the only noticeable loss being along the sharpest edges of the scant round butt frame and guard with perhaps a couple very light handling or wear marks here and there (most noticeable on the underside of the guard and on the rounded portion of the butt). There is the ghost of a turn ring beginning, which has breached the blue only in a couple small spots. The face of the trigger is neatly checkered, the bright-polished sides of the hammer remain brilliant and un-stained, the left side showing some extremely faint steel wool markings where someone had removed the hardened oil staining present when hammer is cocked; the factory lanyard loop retains vivid color case-hardening. All edges are sharp and crisp and both arms have had their "Verified Proof" "VP" stamp factory applied at the right rear of the triggerguard root (since the left front of guard was removed at the factory). All of the numbers are matching on crane, frame and inside of sideplate, all in the same factory font. The Rampant Colt has no tiny raised wire edge of metal but the plate has extremely crisp edges and is factory-finish unquestionably. The checkered walnut grips with silver Rampant Colt medallions rate excellent and are numbered to the gun on their interiors. The included factory letter confirms the configuration as: "Furnished with a cutaway trigger guard, a cutaway and rounded hammer, and a special front sight.", the arm was shipped in a two gun shipment (factory order no. 18932/2) to Clapp & Treat (Hardware, later Sporting Goods) Hartford, on Nov. 26th, 1930. The arm appears to perhaps have actually seen a little use, as there is scant flash evidence at the breech and face of the cylinder, with the face of the firing pin bushing showing the tiniest drag mark. While not mentioned in the factory letter, the heads of the ejector rods have been trimmed off, extremely neatly, and inspection of frame beneath the grips affirms that the work can be nothing but factory. A check of the venerable work The Book of Colt Firearms by Sutherland and Wilson mentions that about 50 "Fitz Specials" were made in the New Service line, the first in that line according to Wilson was in the 332000 serial number range, this revolver being a mere twenty-nine numbers into that range, and may indeed be the earliest known Fitz Special extant. The gun is beautiful and its only detractor…and it is very slight…is that some "tinkerer" had the sideplate off before we received the arm. There is a tiny raised edge of metal atop the frame where the edge of the sideplate meets it and there are some tiny tiny dings on the plate near the rear plate screw hole with a couple very very slight half-moon turnscrew marks along the edges of the two holes (they are missed at first glance), evidently Mr. Tinkerer tapped on the sideplate to reseat it. Nonetheless, make no mistake that this is an absolutely lovely, and all-correct, factory "Fitz Special", worthy of the most advanced of Colt or revolver collections, and shipped as a pair with the preceeding lot to Clapp & Treat of Hartford. Exceptional. Historical. Irreproachable. (38211-32) {C&R} (5000/10,000) SOLD FOR $21,850.00

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