1025. Pennsylvania Swivel Breech Percussion Double Rifle by Young

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.45 cal, 37" deeply rifled octagon barrels with oxidized bores. The barrels are a soft brown patina with overall very light stabilized oxidation, each stamped "D Young", the under barrel stamping slightly soft. Each features a German silver thin blade front sight and semi-buckhorn v-notch rear, with a very light incise engraving around the rear sight. The barrel frame and back action lockplate are a similar plum brown patina as-is the lightly engraved long upper tang. The lightly engraved hammer is now a darker gunmetal gray showing damage to its skirt from the nipple. There are brass ramrod thimbles and a brass center rib on the barrels with the triggerguard showing a single forward spur and rearward grip flourish. There is a three-piece patchbox with pierced head, lightly faceted buttplate, simple toeplate and a large engraved brass sideplate. The patchbox release is an ivory-tipped button which protrudes through the toeplate. The curly maple stock rates very good with strong remnants of original varnish in the protected areas, with the expected light dings and handling marks from the years. There are two lozenge-shaped German silver inlays at the wrist and three inlays on the square-bottomed cheekpiece, one oval and two arrow-head; there was an additional triangular inlay at the rear of the tang which is no longer present. The arm is equipped with a dual acting lock and double set triggers which work very well and the swivel mechanism works as-designed. According to Sellers "D. Young", maker of percussion fullstock and swivel breech rifles, was active in Middleburg Pennsylvania from 1816-1831. A quality made antique Pennsylvania swivel breech rifle with an attractive honest look. (37479-2) {ANTIQUE} (1800/2200) SOLD FOR $2,300.00

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