113. British MLE MK 1 Bolt Action Rifle by RSAF Enfield with Sandhurst Marking

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serial #2680, 303 British, 30" barrel with a very good bore that shows some frosting and light pitting but strong rifling. The metal surfaces of this 1896 dated rifle retain 90% original blue with some small spots of light pitting on the barrel above the woodline, operational wear on receiver, scattered fading to gray and flaking to brown. The walnut stock rates very good plus with an armory oil finish, a strong Enfield roundel, scattered dings, light scratches and handling marks. The bolt and the 1700-meter rear sight are both matching to the receiver. The rifle features a magazine cutoff, dustcover and volley sights. The buttplate is marked "RMC/70" for the Royal Military College Sandhurst. There is no stacking swivel or cleaning rod present. A very fine "Long Lee" with the added bonus of a unit marking from England's military academy. (208624-29) {ANTIQUE} (1500/2000) SOLD FOR $2,990.00

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