115. Rare U.S. Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Dual Issue General Officers Pistol belonging to Major Gen. John J Binns And Brig. Gen. James L Collins Jr.

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serial #568479, 32 ACP, 3 3/4" barrel with a bright excellent bore. The metal surfaces of this Colt Model M retain about 98% gray phosphate parkerized finish, the loss being sharp edge and high edge wear with a number of very superficial handling marks and scuffs, most prominent on the left side of the arm, most of which do not breech the phosphate gray-blue finish. The checkered walnut grips with silver Rampant Colt medallions rate very good with some minor wear along the butt edges and light wear, chips or compressions to some of the points. The principal markings, including the "U.S. Property", remain crisp with a light left-side ordnance wheel which is partially off-center struck. Included with the arm is a single phosphated "Cal .32/Colt" magazine. Very often Generals, and sometimes other officers, would "retain" their pistols post-service. General's were often given the opportunity to purchase their arms and many did, others did not, and turned them back in. When that happens we occasionally run into a rare gun such as this one that shows dual-issue to two different Generals at two different periods of time. Maj. Gen. John Binns Jr. was the son of New York City Fire Chief John J Binns Sr. He entered the U.S. military Academy in 1919 and chose the artillery branch for his specialty of study. In the interwar period he served with numerous artillery battalions serving a brief stint in Paris and in 1939 was assigned to the Department of Tactics at Fort Sill Oklahoma. In the early stages of the Second World War he was at the Headquarters of the Army Service Forces in Washington and directed long-range strategic planning for the Technical Services through 1944. In 1945 he was sent to Europe and took command of the 224th Field Artillery Group, VII Army Corps Artillery. Postwar he remained in Europe until 1947 when he was reassigned to Washington but only briefly when in September 1948 he was assigned Chief of Military Personnel, Military Personnel Branch of the European Command at Heidelberg. He was appointed the Comptroller, European Command-United States Army Europe headquarters, and for the competency with which he discharged this position was given his first star in February 1951. In 1953 he would return to the United States as the Assistant Division Commander, 5th Armored Division, Camp Chaffey. In July 1955 he received his second star, and became Division Commander. In 1956 he was ordered to Korea where he became Chief of Staff, Army Forces Far East, 8th Army. His final appointment was Chief of Staff, 6th Army, retiring in November 1959. James L Collins Jr. was born in El Paso Texas, his father Maj. Gen. James L Collins Sr. was aide-de-camp to Gen. Pershing; his uncle General "Lightning Joe" Collins was Chief of Staff during the Korean War and Air Force Col. Astronaut Michael Collins was his younger brother and participated in both Gemini and Apollo spaceflights. Early in his career at Camp Gruber Oklahoma, he was assigned to command a unit of the North Dakota National Guard which had been federalized for the Second World War. This would become the 957th Field Artillery, a battalion which he would leader ashore during Operation Overlord, D-Day, at Utah Beach. Post-war he attended the Naval War College, Armed Forces Staff College and the Army War College. He was fluent in French, Italian, German, Spanish and had a working knowledge of Russian. These merits gained him command of the Army Language School, Monterey, California 1959-62. He served in Korea and from 1964-1966 he was with Military Assistance Command Vietnam, as special assistant to Gen. Westmoreland, obtaining the rank of Brigadier General in 1965. He would become Deputy Assistant Chief Of Staff for Army Intelligence in '66 and in '67 Commander of V Corps Artillery in Germany. He held the position of Chief of the Army Military History Department and was Commander of the Center for Military History Washington DC from 1970-1982, authoring or co-writing numerous books. His awards include the Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Legion of Merit and Purple Heart. The included Colt factory letter shows shipment in December 1944 to the commanding officer Springfield Armory and the included Springfield Research Service letter shows issue to both generals, Binns in 1953, Collins in 1965. Photos of both men are included along with short bios on each as well as a facsimile service ribbon bar of General Collins with decorations along with an Apollo 11 patch, commemorating his brothers moon landing. Also included is a copy of Hitler's Generals (4000/6000) SOLD FOR $4,600.00

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