130. Fine Factory Engraved and Cased Colt 1860 Army Model Revolver

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serial #151684, .44 cal., 8" round barrel with a near excellent bright bore. This is an 1864 production revolver which shows the late factory vine style scroll engraving and is illustrated in both editions of Colt Engraving as part of the famous George Repaire collection. The revolver has all matching numbers, including the wedge; the carved ivory Mexican Eagle grips are unnumbered. The frame shows full coverage engraving with "Colt's Patent" being hand engraved and the serial numbers on the triggerguard, frame and barrel all show a small letter "P" either above or below them indicating that special care was to be taken in the finishing and assembly of this revolver. The barrel shows factory scroll on either side which borders the New York barrel address on all sides and the hammer shows the familiar wolf's head on either side. The iron backstrap and brass triggerguard also show nice factory scroll. The condition of the revolver is quite nice with the barrel retaining about 60% bright original blue finish with loss being mostly on top from breech to about 2 1/2" from muzzle where the exposed metal shows a pleasing smooth gray patina. The cylinder scene remains about 95% visible with a couple patches of fine pinprick pitting present along with strong traces of original blue in protected areas of rebated section. The frame shows about 75% faded original color case-hardened finish which has taken on a pewter color and is very smooth and with the engraving very crisp. The iron backstrap is mostly an even smooth gray patina with lots of bright blue at the top of the backstrap. The triggerguard shows a pleasing mellow patina on the front strap with lots of original silver plated finish on and around the triggerguard. The period ivory grip shows a relief carved Mexican eagle on the left side which is very nicely executed and shows light wear to the high points. The grip shows nice age with black age cracks in the base and with visible grain which can also be felt. The grips rate very good overall. The revolver comes in an original period mahogany casing with an unmarked flask with angled spout, two-cavity Colt mould and "L" shaped combination tool, both in excellent condition along with some cast projectiles, an Eley cap tin and the case key. This revolver is illustrated in the 1982 edition of Colt Engraving on page 183 (in a slighty different case) and on page 264 in volume I of The Colt Engraving Book. A rare opportunity to acquire a published cased and factory engraved Colt 1860 Army that once was part of the George Repaire collection along with the Sultan of Turkey Dragoon. (18706-12) {ANTIQUE} (15000/20000) SOLD FOR $14,950.00

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