1301. Pair of Mediterranean Ball Butt Percussion Pistols

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.65 cal, 11 3/4" barrels with dark oxidized bores. The metal surfaces of both pistols are a mottled gray-brown patina with scattered freckling and light oxidation staining. The barrels of both pistols are engraved with simple foliate patterns softening overall; the locks also showing some very light foliate engraving. The triggerguards feature rudimentary pineapple extensions and the ball buttcaps feature nice foliate and border engraving. There are brass plates with geometric engraving on both upper tangs and large brass monograms on both wrists stamp-numbered "1" and "2" respectively. One pistol shows some erroneous additional numbers stamped on the sideplate. Both pistols feature some rather attractive silver wire inlay in swirl patterns, geometric shapes, scimitars on right sides of the grips and areas of missing wire here and there. The Mediterranean hardwood stocks feature foliate and geometric carving throughout and remain in about very good condition on the first pistol showing a 1" crack on the right tip, smaller tiny cracks, small chips and handling marks. The second pistol shows more wear overall with the stock separating from the buttcap, an about 3" section missing from the left side tip, some further small chips, dings and handling marks. Iron ramrods are included with both pistols and the locks function well. Overall an attractive set of Mediterranean percussion pistols. (138692-13,14) {ANTIQUE} (800/1200) SOLD FOR $1,035.00

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