138. U.S. Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless General Officers Pistol belonging to Brigadier General Georges Doriot

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serial #M137276, 380 ACP, 3 3/4" barrel with a bright excellent bore. The metal surfaces on this very nice Model M retain about 97% original blue, the loss is due to some light fading, high edge and contact point wear and slight drifting to a plum gray on the frontstrap. The markings remain crisp including the "U.S. Property" on the right side of the frame and the nice crisp ordnance wheel at left rear. Both magazine and frame are "M" stamped after having been factory checked for function. The checkered walnut grips with silver Rampant Colt medallions rate very good plus to near excellent showing only some light wear and some minor scarred or chipped points here and there. Included with the arm are two blued "Cal.380/Colt"-marked magazines which both rate excellent. Georges F Doriot was born in France in 1899. In 1917 he enlisted in the French army as an engineering officer in charge of artillery. He left Paris in 1920 and attended Harvard Business School in 1921. After graduation he accepted a position with New York & Foreign Development Corporation an affiliate of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. where he evaluated new technologies for possible investment. He was with the firm for four years when he was appointed one of seven directors of the International Gear Company Inc, a brand-new firm. In 1925 he was hired as Assistant Dean of the Harvard Business School and in the summer of 1926 was promoted to Associate Professor of Industrial Management. Eventually he would become the Professor of Industrial Management at the age of 30, and in 1937 created the full year-long second-year Manufacturing course. In 1939 during a meeting with President Roosevelt, the president asked him to become a U.S. citizen, after which time he would be appointed a Lieutenant Colonel in the armed forces. Doriot accepted and when the U.S. entered the Second World War Doriot became head of the Military Planning Division at the Office of the Quartermaster General. 1942 he was appointed Chief of Research and then became Director of the R&D branch of the Military Planning Division. He felt the U.S. soldier was entitled to the best equipment possible and encouraged the U.S. Army to view the individual soldier as a human being, believing the soldier, "boots on the ground", is the one that wins wars and they cannot do so without proper food and equipment. In February '45 Doriot was promoted Brigadier General and assigned to the Office of the Assistant Chief Of Staff. Also, in 1946, Doriot was appointed president of American Research and Development Corporation (ARD) one of the first publicly owned, high-risk venture capital companies, known as "The First Venture Capitalist", over the next 25 years with Doriot at the helm, they financed and nurtured more than 100 startups in postwar America. ARD, as led by Doriot grew into a multi-multimillion dollar firm, Digital Equipment alone was valued at over $125,000,000 ten years after its startup, in-which ARD invested $70,000. He continued teaching at the Harvard business school and is the subject of the book The First Venture Capitalist (4000/6000) SOLD FOR $5,175.00

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