143. Colt Third Model Dragoon Cartridge Conversion Revolver

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serial #19069, 45 CF, 7 1/4" barrel with a fair-good bore showing moderate oxidation and still quite strong rifling throughout. The metal surfaces of this interesting revolver have mostly toned to dark brown patina with scattered old scratches, dings, spots of light pitting and some heavy holster wear on the left side of the muzzle. The New York barrel address and "COLTS PATENT" on the frame have softened significantly but are still quite visible. The brass triggerguard and backstrap are a pleasing mix of ocher and reddish-brown patina with some light dings scattered about. The one-piece smooth walnut grip is un-numbered and remains in good overall condition showing significant smoothing, an old chip at the left side heel and some light dings. During the conversion process new sights were added in the form of a semi-buckhorn rear and silver blade front, the loading lever was very neatly removed and subsequent areas filled-in and a new spring-loaded ejector rod and housing added. The hammer spur was shortened, the nose modified for centerfire and the top of the recoil shield filled-in. The frame was shortened by almost 1/2" to accommodate the conversion, rear of frame cut out for inserting cartridges and the cylinder shortened to about 1 7/8" overall length from the about 2 3/8" original length and new stop notches were added forward of the originals. The serial number on the frame is no longer present but the barrel, triggerguard, backstrap and cylinder are all matching and the wedge is un-numbered. The mechanism still functions very well with good lockup and timing just a little off every now and then. This well-used revolver was very professionally converted likely on the frontier and is a great honest example with a lot of character. (138614-6) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) SOLD FOR $3,737.50

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