147. Exceptional and Rare Colt John Wayne Commemorative Presentation Model Single Action Army Revolver

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serial #JW-P55, 45 Colt, 4 3/4" barrel with an as-new, un-fired bore. All of the metal surfaces on this astonishing revolver retain all their original deep factory blue and gold-plated finishes. John Wayne, "The Duke", needs no introduction here. To commemorate this larger-than-life actor, American, cowboy and man's-man, Colt Firearms Company, in 1982, issued the John Wayne Commemorative Single Action Army revolver. While the standard model is fairly common, the deluxe models are very seldom-encountered on the secondary market. Presentation models trading on the open market are virtually unheard of. Originally slated for a very limited production run of 100 revolvers, Colt records indicate that a scant 47 only were actually produced. In addition to the lovely flowing open scroll on barrel and frame, the hammer, the ejector rod, base pin, trigger, triggerguard and backstrap are all heavily plated in genuine 24 karat gold. The presentation edition features a deep relief-chiseled gold inlaid American Eagle on the left side of the barrel with "John Wayne" in riband in its beak. The left recoil shield features a nice circular flat with a gold inlaid chiseled relief of the man himself with his signature hat and a neckerchief (bandanna). The unfluted cylinder has three fine gold wire inlays, the leading one at front of cylinder interrupted with geometric designs. The left side of cylinder shows the tall man, striding along, his silhouette on the ground, the right side with Colts famous Rampant Colt trademark, these inlaid in fine gold. Gold wire embellishments continue on the frame and The Duke's signature is neatly engraved along the backstrap. The interior of the grip is signed by Colt factory engraver "George Spring", Colt's head of engraving. The arm wears lovely two-piece factory fleur-de-lis checkered ivory grips, showing nice grain and some nice age crackling along their butts, they are factory-numbered to the gun. The revolver is as-new, un-turned since leaving the Colt factory. The issue walnut display case is included with glass sides and top, rotating on a 360 (12000/18000) SOLD FOR $11,500.00

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