1472. Whitney-Remington Style II Rolling Block Sporting Rifle

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serial #86078, 44-40, 28" octagon barrel with a mostly bright very good bore showing some light oxidation, frosting and strong rifling. The barrel has mostly toned to a brown-plum patina with high edge wear, scattered dings and cleaned light pitting throughout. The case-hardened frame is mostly a mottled silvery gray-brown patina with a few spots shining through, light oxidation staining, freckling and a few spots of pinprick pitting. The hammer and breech block still retain some streaks of fire blue lurking about and a few of the screws show some light slot damage. The straight grip walnut buttstock and schnabel forend remain in good overall condition showing a few tiny cracks at the upper tang, a 1 1/4" drying crack on the right side butt, a 1/4" crack at the top tang of the buttplate, some chips at the tip of the forend and right side corner, some further tiny drying cracks, dings, dents, flaking varnish and handling marks. The buttstock is a little loose and its screw is a rather poorly fitted replacement. The semi-buckhorn rear leaf sight also appears to be a replacement with the original sight dovetail filled in and the new sight installed about 2 1/2" forward of the original cutout. The front sight is a silver blade. The barrel has two numbers, one crossed-out and the other matching the frame. Overall a well-used example retaining excellent mechanics and a quite nice bore. (138606-3) {ANTIQUE} (500/700) SOLD FOR $805.00

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