155. U.S. Model 1805 Flintlock Pistol by Harpers Ferry

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.54 caliber, 10 1/8" round barrel with an oxidized bore. This pistol bears proper Federal Eagle over "US" ahead of cock and "HARPERS / FERRY / 1807" to rear of cock. The barrel bears proper "(eagle) / P" and "US" both in sunken ovals and is numbered "451". All of these markings remain clear and legible. The lock and lock components all appear to be original however there is a "shadow" around the touchhole indicating that this pistol was once converted to percussion using a drum and nipple. If not for this one detail, the pistol would pass as being in original flintlock configuration. The metal surfaces of the revolver all bear a lovely untouched, rich brown patina with some scattered light pitting and oxidation staining present. The stock still shows a faint cartouche on flat opposite the lock and also shows the stockmaker's mark on the front of the grip between the buttcap lobe and the end of the triggerguard tang. The wood rates very good plus with well-defined edges and even light wear commensurate with the balance of the pistol. All brass furniture bears a rich patina and there is a minor crack at the tip of the triggerguard tang that barely warrants mention. The pistol comes with a hickory ramrod that fits well and is very likely period. A very attractive and fine example of these early, important and sought-after American flintlock martial pistols. (18706-13) {ANTIQUE} (5000/7000) SOLD FOR $4,887.50

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