165. U.S. Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver

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serial #120942, 45 colt, 7 1/2" barrel with a good plus to very good bore which shows some very good evident black powder rifling but with minor pitting its full-length. The metal surfaces on this David Clark-inspected revolver are primarily an overall smooth gunmetal and tarnished pewter gray patina. There are the oddly scattered light dings, handling marks or areas of light pinprick pitting here and there but for the most part the metal is primarily smooth overall. There are some spots of minor oxidation staining and the hammer shows remnants of some water spotting. The barrel address remains crisp and is correct for the period, the left side of the frame with three patent dates and very readable "U.S." stamping. All of the numbers appear matching including the barrel and cylinder and they are all stamped in the same serifed font. David Clark has stamped his initials on the underside of the barrel, cylinder, and frame with small "G" inspectors markings on butt and triggerguard. There are a few areas which show evidence of an old light cleaning, the right side of the frame shows a bit, the triggerguard in the area around the trigger window shows some old tool marks and there appears to be a very old but very well-done and well camouflaged welded repair to the top strap, which actually misses first inspection. The smooth one piece walnut grip rates very good and is correctly "DFC" and "JGB" cartouched, with an 1887 date above Butler's stamping and another "DFC" stamping on the right of the butt. The grip fits a bit loosely, is slightly undersize in a few spots and seems slightly wide for the frame (meaning there is a small gap between frame and grip), there is no remaining discernible number and the grip is likely from another gun. The gun seems to operate well mechanically however the trigger sits a bit far forward in the frame, and the cylinder pin screw is not present, but that should be an easily locatable part. A very good example overall, showing its age somewhat, but still rather clean for an 1887-issued U.S. Cavalry revolver. (38637-3) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) SOLD FOR $4,312.50

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