459. Remington New Model Army Percussion Revolver with New Jersey Markings

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serial #71625, .44 cal, 8" octagon barrel with a good bore which shows evident rifling but with pitting its full-length. The barrel is primarily a soft plum brown patina with generous trace original blue, perhaps 10% remaining, the loading lever similar, the barrel with some minor dings and handling marks and nicely stamped "NJ" at its left side near the breech. The cylinder is an overall dull gunmetal gray and plum patina showing light pinprick pitting, a couple spots which are slightly more moderate. The frame is a soft plum brown with scattered minor oxidation and a few spots of light pitting and a number of small impact marks on its right side near the cylinder pin projection, there are a number of small single character inspectors markings scattered about the arms surface. The hammer actually shows some strong trace color case-hardening, the trigger guard toned to a dull ochre patina. The smooth walnut grips rate very good showing only minor dings and handling marks from the years, with wear along the sharp edges of the butt, the bottoms of the butts showing some minor impact marks. They are pencil-numbered but the number is not readily discernible, their fit however is excellent, the lower leading edge being just slightly proud. Numbers are matching on barrel and frame, there is no discernible number on the cylinder and the gun seems to time properly with a robust hammer spring although lockup is quite loose. A very good example overall with a very scarce New Jersey marking. (38527-52) {ANTIQUE} (1000/1500) SOLD FOR $1,265.00

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