462. Special Order Winchester Model 1873 Second Model Lever Action Rifle

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serial #74135, 44-40, 28" octagon barrel with a fair-good bore showing moderate oxidation and good rifling throughout. The barrel and magazine tube are mostly a pleasing smooth dark gray-brown patina with some small spots of old light pitting, light scratches, high edge wear, a small ding about half-way down the left side magazine tube and some strong streaks of original blue lurking throughout the more protected areas. The barrel is not marked with a caliber designation. The frame retains perhaps 15% original blue mostly in the more protected edges and strong bright blue at the lower tang beneath the lever. The remaining surfaces of the frame are a lighter gray-brown patina showing some spots of light pinprick pitting, scratches and small dings. The lever is a similar dark gray while the hammer is a nice mottled case-hardened patina with strong case-hardened colors on the protected interior surfaces. The cartridge lifter and buttplate compartment slide are a nice ocher brass patina, the barrel address, patent and model designations on the tang have softened a little but are very clear. The smooth straight grip walnut buttstock and forend remain in very good plus condition and fit the frame very well showing a very tiny crack at the right edge of the forend, some tiny drying cracks at the lower tang, a few scattered small chips, dings and handling marks. The rifle is sighted with semi-buckhorn rear, silver blade front and features a factory special order set trigger. The rifle seems to function well mechanically and is a very fine example of an antique 1873 second model. (138601-2) {ANTIQUE} (3500/5000) SOLD FOR $3,910.00

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