547. Remington New Model Navy Percussion Revolver

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serial #31586, .36 cal, 7 3/8" octagon barrel with a fair bore showing some scattered spots of moderate pitting, intermittent bright areas and strong rifling. The metal surfaces of this revolver are worn to gunmetal throughout with lightly cleaned pitting, dings and patches of darker gray. The barrel address has been mostly obscured by cleaned pitting, there is a crisp anchor marking at the rear of the barrel and the triggerguard is stamped "MB" on its left side. The brass triggerguard is mostly a lightly cleaned goldenrod color and the smooth walnut grips remain in very good condition with some light dings, scratches and handling marks; the right panel appears to be pencil-numbered to the gun. The cylinder appears to be un-numbered, the barrel and triggerguard are matching the frame. The base pin appears to be a replacement and the bolt spring has weakened to the point where the cylinder does not lock properly but the timing is still good and the hammer functions well at half and full cock. (138674-24) {ANTIQUE) (800/1200) SOLD FOR $977.50

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