55. Extremely Fine Remington Dog's Head Handle Rifle Cane

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serial #31, .31 cal percussion, 10 1/2" rifled barrel with a 28" shaft, chamber to muzzle. This very nice dog's head handled rifle cane shows a crisp image with only light wear, the gutta-percha fading somewhat to a chocolate brown with remnants of the dark black within the more protected recesses of the image, still maintaining very good detail. The grooved German silver ferrule rates very good with a few very minor handling marks and the gutta-percha covering on the action body rates very good overall and shows no remnants of any Remington marking, and in fact may never have had one as this example has tip ferrule markings. The body of the cane proper is very good as well with some very minor handling marks, scuffs and scratches across its surface, the lower portion being a speckled orange and brown on one side, likely due to some contaminant from the years. The metal ferrule tip is marked with the Thomas's patent information and serial number along with the date and the Remington & Sons legend. It is a pleasing plum brown patina and shows some light oxidation and very light pinprick pitting. The percussion nipple itself shows a bit of pitting but the mechanism seems to function very well as-designed. This is a lovely cane gun overall with the head showing just a bit of honest wear. (38568-2) {ANTIQUE} (3500/5000) SOLD FOR $5,750.00

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