559. Colt Government Model Semi-Auto Pistol

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serial #C146404, 45 ACP, 5" Colt barrel with a lightly frosted bore. This pre-war (1926) made 1911A1 commercial gun retains about 99% non-factory reapplied blue with scattered light pitting visible under the new finish. The grips are factory replacement post-war "Coltwood" with a "Rampant Colt [in a circle]" that rate about excellent overall with slight shrinkage evident in the grip screw holes. The slide is serial numbered under the firing pin stop to the gun, the markings have been slightly softened from the metal preparation and all parts appear correct for the period of manufacture. The pistol includes a single Scoville Manufacturing Co. marked welded base magazine in near excellent condition. It should make a nice shooter. (88569-25) {MODERN} [Calhoun L.H. Howard Collection] (800/1200) SOLD FOR $977.50

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