593. Custom Model J Single Shot Falling Block Rifle by Falling Block Works

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serial #J1071, 45-70 Govt, 30" octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore. The barreled action retains about 98-99% maker blue with some light fading and some toning on some of the high edges, the action and lever a deep plum color. The rifle is stocked with a nice Monte Carlo buttstock and semi-beavertail target forend, both smooth and un-checkered. The English walnut stock shows a lovely shimmering fiddle back its full-length, as does the forend, the length of pull to the Morgan adjustable recoil pad 13 3/4". The stocks rate excellent however there is dust present in the finish, it likely could be knocked back down with some 800 grit and a bit of steel wool for a nice satin finish. The barrel has been drilled and tapped for steel target blocks which are present. A very nice single shot rifle from this seldom-encountered custom action builder from Michigan in a very usable and versatile caliber. (38320-103) {MODERN} (800/1200) SOLD FOR $920.00

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