599. Swedish Model 1824 Naval Officers Sword

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31" straight single fuller blade, etched, blued and gold washed. The blade retains about 80% original blue toning to brown with scattered fine oxidation and perhaps 95% original gold wash. The remainder of the blade toning to gray with scattered light oxidation and freckling along the foible becoming moderate along the tip and a couple tiny nicks about mid-length of the blade. The blade is nicely etched with Tre Kroner (three crowns) in laurel wreath, Charles XIV crown over "JC" monarch insignia on one side and the Norwegian Lion in laurel wreath and what appears to be a crown over intertwined "TSO" on the opposite side, the ricassos have gold bordered fading decorative etching. The hilt has a brass dolphin head pommel with a "P" shaped guard with disc shaped quillon, dual langets with anchors and a grooved ivory grip. The brass is mellowing to a soft ocher patina still retaining much original gold wash. The ivory has nicely darkened to a cream color with age and has a long thin drying crack on one side, a smaller crack on the opposite side and a couple thin age checks along the edge. The ivory may have shrunken slightly with age leaving the collar and hilt loose fitting. The red felt buffer washer remains partially intact, there is no scabbard included. A good to very good seldom encountered Swedish Naval sword. (58610-3) (800/1200) SOLD FOR $632.50

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