60. Very Fine Pair of Gold Monogrammed Lemat Revolvers by Lepage Moutier & Faure of Paris

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serial #2365 & 2484, .40 caliber rifled barrels and .63 caliber smoothbore grapeshot barrels. These two revolvers bear matching "LePage Moutier & Faure a Paris" and "Systeme LeMat" barrel markings and each barrel shows a five pointed star over "L.M.". Each triggerguard bears relief gold inlaid monograms which read either "CM" or MC" over a small lightly engraved background. Revolver number 2484 bears the sunken "M" acceptance mark of Confederate Lt. Murdaugh on the face of the cylinder, the face of cylinder #236 shows some litght pitting and light cleaning and there is no such mark visible. The condition of the guns is very nice with gun #2365 retaining 95% original blue on the rifled barrel and 70% plus bright original blue on the grapeshot barrel with loss due to some fine flaking and from the barrel being removed and replaced. The cylinder shows about 20% original blue with the balance flaked and with the areas of loss showing a lovely smooth gray patina. The frame retains about 25% bright original blue in areas around the recoil shield with the balance bearing a pleasing smooth gray patina. The two-piece checkered grips rate about excellent with lots of original finish and with sharp checkering. Revolver #2484 retains about 85% bright original blue on the rifled barrel with the grapeshot barrel showing 65 - 70% evenly thinning original blue finish. The cylinder retains 35% original blue with the balance bearing a pleasing smooth gray patina. The frame shows bright original blue in protected areas with the majority of the metal surfaces showing a pleasing smooth gray patina with some scattered light oxidation staining present. The two-piece walnut grips rate near excellent with a good deal of original finish and with strong checkering. Both of the gold monograms rate excellent. These revolvers come in a brass bound walnut presentation case with a large matching brass monogram applied to the lid. This is likely a period case that was retrofitted to these guns by Cliff Young, the collector who owned these wonderful guns. Included in the case are a pair of original LeMat three cavity brass moulds, one cavity is for a conical projectile while the other two are for buckshot. Both moulds remain in very good condition and there is also a brass powder flask in the case which shows a recumbent gun dog and gamebirds. Revolver #2494 is illustrated in Forget & Serpette's LeMat: The Man, The Gun on page 210 with a full right shot of the revolver along with a closeup of the monogram and another image of the monogram plate on top of the case lid. They only show one gun but refer to "the pair" and ownership is listed as "M. Clifford Young". Cliff Young was an astute old school Confederate collector who amassed one of the finest groupings of historic and important Confederate arms ever assembled. A tremendous opportunity for the LeMat enthusiast to acquire this well-known, high condition cased pair of gold monogrammed revolvers. (18568-8,9) {ANTIQUE} (40000/60000) SOLD FOR $46,000.00

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