605. Interesting Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action Rifle with Period Stampings

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Description Update (3/14/18): Pitting overall on receiver

serial #17741, 38 W.C.F., 24" octagon barrel with a dark oxidized bore having faint traces of rifling. The metal surfaces have been cleaned and retain 98% applied blue with remnants of modest oxidation and pitting the first few inches of the barrel and on the action along with a few light impact marks and scratches. The right side barrel flats have been stamped "BRONCO. BERT. CALAFORINIA, ARIZONA, MEXICO, GUATEMALA, SALVADOR, HONDURAS, NICARAGUA, COSTA RICA, COLOMBIA,MARCH. 28. 1893. NOVEMBER. 28. 1894." and "CROSSED . ISTHMUS OF PANAMA . INCOLUMBIA . IN 1893 & 1894" while the left flats are stamped "HUNTED IN SANTA CRUZ . AROUND LOMA PRIETA & MT HAMILITON MOUNTAINS & MONTEREY MOUNTAINS . CALAFORNIA MARCH . 28 . 1893 . NOVEMBER . 28 . 1894 ." and "CROSSED MOHAVE DESERT . CALAFORNIA . IN 1893". The right side of the receiver is stamped "BRONCO . BERT" along the top edge while the left side is stamped "BRONCO . BERT" below the center screw, both fronts of the receiver are vertically stamped "E.H.E.". Some of the letters are slanted, double stamped and misspelled. The plain walnut buttstock and forend have been cleaned and refinished as well with 1 1/4" cracks in the wrist repaired with nails and a 8 1/2" thin crack in the right side of the forend that shows an old glued repair. Both sides of the forearm have stamped locations as well that have partially faded with age and refinishing. Rifle is equipped with standard sporting front and rear sights. Initial research could not locate "Bronco Bert" but if the legend exists, this gun was carried far and wide. A good second year of production 1892 with interesting markings with further extensive research could prove interesting. (58433-18) {ANTIQUE} (700/900) SOLD FOR $977.50

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