606. Interesting Burnside Second Model Carbine by Bristol Firearm Co. Converted to Forager

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About 16 ga. CF, 21" smoothbore barrel with a fair bore showing brightness throughout and some rings of heavy oxidation. The metal surfaces of this thorough conversion have been refinished in nickel long ago with the barrel mostly worn to gunmetal showing some darker spots and old pitting scattered about. The frame, action and buttplate retain perhaps 80% nickel finish with flaking to gray and brown patina throughout. This appears to be a very early Second Model with the frame marking reading "BURNSIDE'S / PATENT / MARCH 25th / 1856" and the only number still visible from the serial number is a faint "4" centered under the patent marking. The lockplate is crisply marked "BRISTOL FIREARM CO." and the latch is marked on the right with G. P. Foster's patent mark. The straight grip walnut buttstock remains in very good condition with no visible cartouches but the left side butt is stamped with "D / 82" and there are some further light dings, dents, tiny chips and handling marks. The stock is from a later model as there is a sling swivel base present on the toe-line, although no swivel is present. The saddle ring bar has been removed, there are two filled-in dovetails on the barrel and the two position flip sight was moved back onto the breechblock. The breechblock appears to have been totally replaced with a new hollowed-out block that houses a spring-loaded firing pin; the breech face is slightly recessed and has been made for centerfire. The mechanism still functions well at full and half cock. Overall a really well-done and thoughtful conversion with a host of interesting features. (138624-12) {ANTIQUE} (800/1200) SOLD FOR $1,495.00

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