619. Unmarked Fullstock Flintlock Sporting Musket

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Description Update (3/14/18): Small chip at toe

About 70 cal. approaching 12 bore, 45 1/2" part octagon part round barrel with an oxidized bore. The barrel on this smoothbore sporting musket is mix of dull gunmetal gray and pleasing plum brown patina with the sparsely scattered oxidation staining here and there and the expected minor dings or handling marks from the years. There are the remnants of a simple half moon brass blade front sight, with no rear, and a scant file cut atop the rear tang. The arm is a reconversion to flint, the area around the touchole showing some moderate oxidation from cap spalsh, the reconverted area nearly smooth. The lockplate is lightly stepped with a pronounced teat at its rear showing some very light engraving with some light oxidation and pitting in the area beneath the replaced flash pan. A nice swan neck cock has been fitted which is lightly engraved as well, the lock featuring a bridled frizzen (the hammer is somewhat loose but this can be remedied). There is a brass nosecap, brass ramrod thimbles and tailpipe, brass buttplate, and a nice "whale's tail" patchbox. The barrel is keyed to the stock with three lozenge-shaped escutcheons with brass keys, there are two teardrop, and two stylized flourish inlays to the front and rear of the stock flats and there is an engraved eight-pointed star inlay on the left of butt where the cheek would rest. There is a faceted triggerguard which is a later replacement which also shows a repair through its front section. The stock is a likely cherry and rates very good as lightly cleaned many years ago with reacquired dings and dents. The left stock flat shows some nice wavy silver wire inlay which is repeated around the tang and the oval monogram plate atop the wrist. The arm is single trigger equipped and there is an antique ramrod included, the lock features no half-cock rest. "M Fordney" was stamped on the barrel's top flat, with individual steel stamps, Melchior Fordney always signing his work by neatly engraving "M*Fordney". The left diagonal barrel flat has also been stamped "RWH" and "1888". Overall an attractive smoothbore sporting musket for above the mantel. (38460-4) {ANTIQUE} (700/900) SOLD FOR $805.00

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