62. Scarce Burnside Second Model Civil War Carbine by Burnside Rifle Co.

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Description Update (3/14/18): No sling ring assembly present

serial #1422, .54 cal, 21" barrel with a fair bore showing moderate pitting but rather strong rifling throughout. The metal surfaces of this carbine are a dark brown oxidized patina overall with old light pitting and markings almost totally worn away. The marking on the lockplate is in two lines and this, along the few visible letters indicate manufacture by the Burnside Rifle Company. The straight grip walnut buttstock remains in about very good condition with a number of small chips, dings, dents and a few drying cracks at the toe. The stock is a little shy where it meets the top of the frame. The breechblock is matching the frame and the mechanism is still quite crisp and fully functional. Only about two thousand of these early Burnsides were manufactured and this example is quite salty but has a lot of character. (138547-29) {ANTIQUE} (1500/2500) SOLD FOR $2,070.00

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