641. British Flintlock Holster Pistol by Ketland

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Description Update (3/14/18): Crack in the ramrod channel

.55 caliber, 9" round iron barrel. The lockplate is marked "W. / KETLAND / & CO." and the top of the barrel is marked simply "LONDON". The pistol features a gooseneck cock and unbridled frizzen which was period resurfaced. The barrel and lock show a deep brown patina which appears completely undisturbed over the years. The stock is of walnut and features brass furniture which includes an "S"-shaped sideplate, triggerguard, smooth buttcap and ramrod ferrules. The condition of the stock is very good with lots of original finish remaining with a brass oval monogram plate on top of grip, with a few minor cracks and a prominent chip missing ahead of the lockplate. The hammer screw is likely a later replacement, as-is the ramrod and the hammer spring is somewhat weak. A good honest British holster pistol which clearly had a long service life. (3,18507-7) {ANTIQUE} (600/800) SOLD FOR $690.00

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